Spa Bath On Board Luxury Motor Yacht, Western Australia

10MM 12MM Toughened Glass for Spa Bath

Project Location

Western Australia.


Our client required us to construct a laminated glass panel for a most interesting end use. The panel was to be fitted as one side, or end, of a spa bath. Not any old spa bath though – this one was situated on a luxury motor yacht.

Project Description

Because of its purpose, the customer wanted the panel to be particularly strong, thus, it was constructed with two pieces of Toughened Glass each of 12mm and 10mm thickness respectively. The PVB interlayer was equally heavy duty.

The panel had a dark fritted surrounding edge printed onto the outer surface of the glass and added an interesting design aspect to the bath.


This certainly was an unusual end use for our laminated glass product but we are only too pleased to be associated with the project.


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Spa Bath on Motor Yacht - Custom Glass Products  Spa Bath on Motor Yacht Project - Custom Glass Products







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