Engineering Confidence and Standards

Tuesday 29th Jul 2014

Does the glass component meet the building’s engineering standards? Will your project be covered under AS/NZ1288 or does it require external certification? When does external engineering become necessary? Certification and Standards are of the utmost importance when the component detail in the Architect’s plan moves from the theoretical to the final quotation stage. While our […]

Coloured Glass

Custom Glass Products Coloured Glass

Monday 14th Jul 2014

Custom Glass Products produces a wide variety of laminated glass product, from balustrades to glass flooring and spandrels, but it always brightens up our day when we roll out something fancy. Just lately it has been a series of subtly coloured panels to be installed in a Retirement Home here in Western Australia. While the […]

Glass Balustrading – Exposing The Edge

glass balustrade

Friday 16th May 2014

I watched a very dramatic demonstration the other day. It was part of a promotion by a supplier of polymer interlayers. The subject of the demonstration was glass balustrading. Now, you may think – “Oh, glass balustrading, I’ve seen some of those panels at the front of so and so’s balcony on the second floor” […]

Switchglass™ ColourTint

Wednesday 26th Feb 2014

Coloured Switchable Privacy Glass Let there be light! Let there be colour! The choice is yours with Switchglass™ ColourTint. Muted translucent shades of green or yellow, rose tint or opalescent blue that turn to their more solid opaque green, yellow, red or blue when you switch them ‘off’. Switchglass™ ColourTint is a range of coloured […]

Ceramic Glass

Thursday 30th Jan 2014

Illuminating Uses Of Glass. The word ‘Ceramic’ derives from the Greek word keramikos, from keramos ‘pottery’. The derivation of the word ‘Glass’ is a bit more diverse, but here goes – this from Douglas Harper’s Online Etymology Dictionary: Old English glæs “glass, a glass vessel,” from West Germanic *glasam (cf. Old Saxon glas, Middle Dutch […]

Metallic Glass

Metallic Glass

Tuesday 14th Jan 2014

Is Metallic Glass metal or glass? It seems we need to go back to basics and ask ourselves, “What is glass anyway?” The answer is quite shattering. Glass is not just glass, after all. I like this definition in a post by Girish Kumar on the Conceptual Physics Today site: There is no universally accepted […]

Manufacturing Laminated Glass

Architectural Laminated Glass

Wednesday 1st Jan 2014

Custom Glass Products specialises in the manufacture of laminated glass. You probably know that laminated glass is made of two or more layers of glass with one or more interlayers of polymeric material bonded between the glass layers. However, within the polymeric interlayers themselves, there is scope for additional interlayers. These may take the form […]

Switchable Glass and The Arts


Monday 30th Dec 2013

I was recently in Köln (Cologne), Germany in the suburb of Nippes when I was caught out in my walk by a sudden downpour. Seeking shelter, I spotted an art gallery, the Galerie Nigoh, and decided to nip inside. I was quickly absorbed by a stunning selection of artworks but, detecting an excited buzz of […]

Welcome to Custom Glass Products

Tuesday 20th Aug 2013

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