Technical: PictureGlass Artwork and File Submission Guidelines

The following document outlines the artwork submission requirements for each PictureGlass Graphic Insert (PGGI) job.

Artwork Resolution

For optimum reproduction quality, files should be supplied at 300 PPI (Pixels Per Inch) at the final application dimensions.

For all artwork a hardcopy printed proof or spot colours should be provided in one of the universal colour systems such as PMS.

Colour Mode

The preferred colour mode for artwork to be supplied in is CMYK. RGB artwork files will be converted to CMYK.

File Formats

PictureGlass can accept both raster and vector format artwork.

Where raster format artwork is supplied, such as where digital files have been produced by digital cameras or alternatively high resolution scans of film transparencies, the preferred file format is PSD, PDF, TIFF or JPG (high resolution). For all file formats, ensure that minimal file compression is applied to files.

Where vector format artwork is, such as where artwork has been illustrated, then any text should be outlined or converted to paths.

Additionally, all fonts should be supplied.

The acceptable file formats include AI, EPS and PDF.

Note: Vector artwork is scaleable to any size at the maximum resolution/ quality.

Image Bleed and Crop Marks

All artwork files should include a minimum image bleed of at least 10mm or 1/2”, applied to all edges of each artwork file. In addition, crop marks should be placed at the edge of the bleed on all edges of artwork.

Labeling of Artwork Files

The PictureGlass production department will endeavor to match any glazing or panel labeling system as supplied.


To assess the quality and suitability of artwork for each project, PictureGlass will supply anumber of project samples from supplied artwork. The samples should generally include a cropped sectional sample at 1:1. The desired sample size(s) is to be agreed upon per project.

Sample artwork files should be submitted in the same manner as final project artwork.

Submitting Artwork

Generally speaking, high resolution artwork files are large in file size. We have found that and prefer the most convenient method to supply artwork to us is via CD/DVD or Electronic FTP service (such as

Where FTP service is used, the related FTP notification should be sent to the PictureGlass production department email address: ‘’ including an appropriate reference such as the relevant purchase order number.

In addition, the related PictureGlass sales rep should desirably be copied (cc) on any email communications / notices.

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