Technical: PictureGlass Care & Handling Guidelines


No special storage is required for the PictureGlass Graphic Insert (PGGI). A good idea is to store the supplied film in the packaging received.


Care must be taken in handling the PGGI, including attention to:

  • Dispense, cut, and move the PGGI in such a way as to prevent any creases, folds, or crimps.
  • Hold the film only at the extreme edges and never with bare hands. Use clean lint-free cotton or non-powdered latex gloves.
  • Avoid scratching the film. Sliding the film on any hard surface can scratch it.
  • Wipe clean the surface of each film sheet as needed using a liquid film cleaner with a non-abrasive material, to ensure the film is not scratched and that there is no surface contamination.

Artwork Bleed

Every PGGF will be produced and supplied to a size larger than the ordered artwork area as specified by the Artwork and File Submission Guidelines document. This additional area or excess artwork is referred to as ‘image bleed’. The image bleed is intentionally supplied
for a number of useful reasons including:

  • The bleed marks the edge of the specified art work area produced.
  • The bleed allows for various film markings to be displayed on the film such as crop marks, the sales order / PO number and any glass or glazing references that are useful.
  • The bleed size will usually be a minimum 1/8” and a maximum 1”.
  • The bleed is okay to be removed before or after laying-up and lamination depending on the chosen method for laying up the film into glass, pre-lamination and lamination in autoclave or oven.

Film Markings

Every PGGI will include a number of markings usually within the bleed area. The markings are referred to as ‘crop marks’. The crop marks indicate the edge of the specified or produced artwork within the supplied film sheet. The crop marks should be aligned with the edge of the glass to ensure appropriate alignment of the PGGI within the glass lights and interlayer used. The film dimensions and glass sizes should be double checked before processing.


Every PGGI should be positioned within the glass lites facing upwards or ‘face-up’ and correspond with any specified artwork layout & orientation guide. Additionally it is important to align each PGGI within glass lites accurately to ensure the alignment of artwork split
across multiple finished panels.

Illustration of the PictureGlass Graphic Insert


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