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Two sheets of glass (normally 5mm or 6mm annealed glass) are laminated over the Privacy film. The components are assembled under high pressure and temperature to form a single unit.

Hand Rail Free Balustrading

Suitable for all residential and commercial applications and can be designed to any length, height or fixing method.


PictureGlass is a custom printed transparent film substrate designed to be permanently processed within laminated safety glass. When processed with laminated safety glass is highly functional providing high durablability to moisture, humidity, vandalism and colour fade.

Coloured Glass

We offer a selection of colours that can come in different levels of translucency and transparency.


DuPont™ SentryGlas® clear core interlayers help make glazed products safer and stronger.


DuPont™ SentryGlas® interlayers come in a range of standard thicknesses, ready for laminating into lighter, stronger safety glass.


Manufacturers can create elegant new designs and framing systems taking advantage of the unique performance of SentryGlas®.


Custom Glass Products technical features available - tri-laminated tempered glass; clear, super clear, transparent or white translucent glass; and anti-slip coating.

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