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Glass Deflection and Switchglass

Glass lamination and smooth polished edges by Custom Glass Products

The deflection factor relates to the breaking point of glass – or rather, to the point just before it will break. At Switchglass we won’t laminate a switchable privacy glass panel with glass of under 4mm thickness.

Types of Glass


Custom Glass Products is delighted to consider any brief where laminated or processed glass is required, and to assist with advice, expertise and testing.

Interactive Glass

Seura Vanishing Television Mirror

“On a clear day you can see forever.” Well, given that your vision is 20/20 and that the glass is clean, that could be true of the view through your window. But it has not always been thus.

Fritted Glass

The Art Glass field is broad in both scope and definition. Recent advances in digital printing using ceramic inks have given our clients unlimited design choice.

Architectural Glass

Architectural Glass

What is Architectural Glass? In my opinion, the term is just another of those combinations of adjective and noun that has come into vogue because it has a good ring to it. It rolls off the tongue nicely and sounds a lot better than ‘Building Glass’ – and ‘Structural Glass’.

Champions of Glass – Architects and Designers

Crystal Diamond Glass

Current discourse on ‘Energy Efficient’ buildings frequently tends to over-exemplify the role of glass; other materials and ‘design’ can and do play an integral part.

Operable Walls

Bifold Glass Doors

Vitrocsa’a inclusion of our large Switchable Privacy Glass panels in one of these operable walls in a Hong Kong resident’s home was a stroke of genius, giving the owner the additional ability to create a private environment (‘at the flick of a switch’) without the clutter of dust-collecting blinds or drapes.

Hollow Glass

Laminated Glass

Hollow Glass units can be combined with coated glass, toughened glass or laminated Switchable Privacy Glass to form various desirable composite products.

Switchglass – Manufacturer of Switchable Privacy Glass

Switchable Privacy Glass Installation

Switchglass delivers only the best in quality Switchable Privacy Glass product.

At the Switchglass factory all laminated glass product is manufactured to meet stringent Australian Standards, with regular testing being a part of the company’s regime.

Bird Protection Glass

Ornilux Bird Protection Glass as seen by birds

Ornilux Bird Protection Glass is a multi-functional, energy efficient architectural glass that offers the added benefit of reducing bird window collisions.

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