Switchglass – Manufacturer of Switchable Privacy Glass

Switchglass - manufacturer of Switchable Privacy GlassProviding exceptional lead times, a professional service and a quality assured product second-to-none

As well as producing a variety of custom laminated glass products for the residential and commercial property sector worldwide, Switchglass is now a leading manufacturer of Switchable Privacy Glass in Australia.

Switchglass delivers only the best in quality Switchable Privacy Glass product. The crucial component, PDLC film, is imported from the USA and the glass is supplied by Saint-Gobain: the world’s leading architectural glass manufacturer.

At the Switchglass factory all laminated glass product is manufactured to meet stringent Australian Standards, with regular testing being a part of the company’s regime. Before laying up the glass to go through the washer the glass panels are routinely tested with a light-transmission device to ensure that it has optimum optical clarity.


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