Structural Glass Balustrading, Western Australia

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Western Australia.


We were called upon to laminate some structural glass balustrading – large and heavy panels with holes drilled for the anchoring structures.

In this instance the glass used was Toughened 10mm with curves and cut-outs. All the edges were cut and polished for safety and presentation.

Notes on ‘Structural Glass’

Laminated glass is often used for its ‘safety’ property and even in its more basic form is referred to as Safety Glass; if broken, the glass will ‘hold together’. However, as we increase the thickness of the glass panes and add thicker PVB interlayers we increase the strength of the glass proportionately to the point where you have a product that can be termed ‘structural’. That is, it may play an integral role in a building’s architectural structure and strength.

Such panels of laminated glass can have a PVB interlayer as thick as 1.52mm and sometimes combine a third pane of glass and another interlayer. Together they may have a total glass thickness of perhaps 26mm – or sometimes greater. These panels become immensely heavy and strong, and when anchored together with curtain wall framing systems and stainless steel ‘spiders’ can provide strong walls of immense reach.


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