Switchglass™ ColourTint

Posted by Custom Glass Products on Wednesday 26th Feb 2014

Switchglass - Coloured Red OnColoured Switchable Privacy Glass

Let there be light!
Let there be colour!

The choice is yours with Switchglass™ ColourTint.

Muted translucent shades of green or yellow, rose tint or opalescent blue that turn to their more solid opaque green, yellow, red or blue when you switch them ‘off’.

Switchglass - Coloured Red OffSwitchglass™ ColourTint is a range of coloured switchable privacy glass that will enable your designer or architect to compliment your interior colour scheme.

The Switchglass™ ColourTint range also includes classic “grey mist” – for those wanting a darker shade of grey than Switchglass™ Classic (opaque white); this was used by one of our clients in his luxury motor yacht.

Of course, given artistic license one could even mix and match Switchglass™ ColourTint to create a very colourful, and innovative wall.

Switchglass™ may also be enhanced even further by the inclusion of colour film (or fritted glass) during the manufacturing process.

Read more about SwitchGlass, a unique privacy glass. 


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