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Posted by Custom Glass Products on Tuesday 29th Jul 2014

Hand Rail Free Balustrading

Does the glass component meet the building’s engineering standards?

Will your project be covered under AS/NZ1288 or does it require external certification?

When does external engineering become necessary?

Certification and Standards are of the utmost importance when the component detail in the Architect’s plan moves from the theoretical to the final quotation stage.

While our product will comply with all the relevant standards, it is a pre-requisite that your Architect or Specifier understands that the glass must comply with your particular building’s integral standards.

While we can often be of assistance there, some questions are best left to experts in that field and to this end we collaborate with one of the best – Wirra Wonga Structural Engineering Consultancy. With their extensive knowledge and expertise we can provide you with accurate and conclusive solutions. As they state:

“Many glazing projects can be deemed to comply with the requirements of AS/NZ1288, and the vast majority of many glaziers’ work will fall under this category. However, in some instances a given project may be outside the scope of the standard and it will be necessary to engage engineering services to certify that the products used and their installation are suitable for the purpose.  

This may be the case if;   

– The project is retaining a volume of water.  

– The Glazing is structural.   

– A balustrade is frameless and without a handrail.   

Structural glazing covers many diverse elements including skylights and glass floor panels.   

Balustrades are an essential safety requirement of many designs and as good architecture seeks to make use of available light, glass is a versatile and aesthetically desirable material for such elements.   

Many still believe that all glass balustrades must have a handrail, however, legislation allows for the use of a handrail-free, frameless balustrade with an engineered solution under Part 3 of AS1288.   

Compliance is deemed with the provision of a Certificate of Compliance that addresses AS1288, the BCA and AS1170.1 (if necessary). In order to provide this certificate, the engineer must test the application as a whole, that is, the balustrade in situ as a whole system and so must have all necessary information about how the elements relate to each other.   

In short, frameless, handrail free balustrading is possible!  

Some glaziers may shy away from these projects as ‘too difficult’, but experience has shown that a glazier can complete spectacular projects such as those listed above in a safe and profitable manner by partnering with the right manufacturer.”

Our collaboration with Wirra Wonga allows us greater flexibility in order to meet your needs, providing you with a better product and service. Read more about our capabilities. 

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