University of Technology, Sydney NSW

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The University of Technology Sydney, Australia.


The University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) is a university in the CBD of Sydney, Australia.

The Switchglass™ panels are being used on-site as a teaching tool for the students.

Project Description

4 panels, each measuring 3000mm x 1280mm, were structurally glazed into place and connected in portrait position. For the purpose of the students’ on-going research into the understanding and operation of ‘electronic’ and ‘smart’ glass technology, the bus bars were left exposed on installation. This was unusual in that most clients, if for nothing other than aesthetics, require the bus bars to be well concealed within the panel’s framing.


Glass Manufacturer:  Switchglass
Project Management:  Kiera Leggereit, University of Technology Sydney
Builder:  Lend Lease

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