The Benefits of Double Glazing

Double Glazing - insulated glazingOver the last decade there has been demonstrable increasing interest in Energy Saving Glazing products. Not only from those involved in the building trade, such as Architects and Builders, but from the home owners themselves. This is a very encouraging trend and one which we intend throwing our weight behind in the years to come – starting today.

Double Glazing (insulated glazing) has typically been associated with thermal protection or insulation pertaining to colder climates and heat-LOSS from within. But it is now more widely accepted that the insulating properties of Double Glazing are equally beneficial when utilised in our warmer climate’s buildings as well. Even better, we are, as this goes online, installing double glazed units incorporating our Switchable Privacy Glass.

Folks, we are talking optimum Energy Conservation Windows here. For this we are very proud and we will continue to expound and promote the virtues of this combination.

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