The Latest in Privacy Glass!

As a consequence of our new laminating plant, we will be introducing a new range of Privacy Glass products.

New Generation Switchable Privacy Glass

This exciting and superior new option is constructed using two sheets of 5mm Toughened/Tempered Glass. The incorporation of Toughened glass in the panels makes New Generation Switchglass Privacy Glass a far more robust, safer, stronger and durable product, affording you greater comfort and peace of mind.

3rd Generation Switchglass Privacy Glass

This glass will incorporate the very latest in PDLC film with a greatly reduced transparency and haze factor (a haze perceived when viewing Privacy Glass in its ‘clear’ state from an angle). Its superior clarity and haze set it well apart from the older generation, standard Privacy Glass.

Coloured Privacy Glass

We now offer a range of options including bronze, grey, green and blue.

Solar Protection Privacy Glass

By incorporating Comfort Plus™ glass in the laminating process we can offer you the option of having increased interior comfort in your home. Comfort Plus™ is a Low E glass. Refer to this link:  Comfortplus Product Specifier

To provide you with better cost-efficiency Switchable Privacy Glass is available in an EXTRA-WIDE SIZE:
1820mm x 3500mm.

Also, by using non-standard interlayers in the construction of our Privacy Glass we are now able to improve the transparency and haze quotient of our standard Privacy Glass. This range, while costing a little more, will have specific benefits to suit certain needs.

We will also have the capacity to produce a wide range of art glass products.

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