switchable privacy glass

Switchglass™ ColourTint

Wednesday 26th Feb 2014

Coloured Switchable Privacy Glass Let there be light! Let there be colour! The choice is yours with Switchglass™ ColourTint. Muted translucent shades of green or yellow, rose tint or opalescent blue that turn to their more solid opaque green, yellow, red or blue when you switch them ‘off’. Switchglass™ ColourTint is a range of coloured […]

Switchable Glass and The Arts


Monday 30th Dec 2013

I was recently in Köln (Cologne), Germany in the suburb of Nippes when I was caught out in my walk by a sudden downpour. Seeking shelter, I spotted an art gallery, the Galerie Nigoh, and decided to nip inside. I was quickly absorbed by a stunning selection of artworks but, detecting an excited buzz of […]

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